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Public Relations


Direct Response
In today’s fast paced society, decision makers tend to grab the information they need in the format that is most convenient. That’s why we develop direct response campaigns that get your messages in front of decision makers and yield leads that turn into customers.

Sometimes the best medium for carrying a message is a local or national newspaper, vertical industry magazine or newsletter or a national business publication. If you need to be seen here we will design compelling ads that deliver your message.

Year after year radio advertising grows, because it works. We can package your message for radio, and get the kind of reach and frequency that delivers your message for pennies per prospective customer.

Cable and satellite TV has changed the marketplace for advertisers. With today’s narrowly segmented TV audiences, opportunities abound for targeted ad placement. We design ads that work but don’t empty your bank account in the process.

Trade Publications
In the telecommunications and related high-tech sector, targeted publications remain one of the most cost-effective media for carrying advertising messages. We design and place ads that get noticed and get results.

Web Advertising
The newest and in some ways most challenging medium is the web. Here, targeting is excellent, because one can select the exact sites that meet a set of criteria. We can design and craft ads that get prospective customers to surf your way.

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