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Even in today’s Internet age, people still look to paper and ink for much of their information. That’s why well-designed and carefully-written brochures, like the many we have produced through the years, can be vital tools for communicating your messages.

Customer Seminars
Our experience in creating and managing hundreds of seminars has shown us that one of the best returns for your marketing investment is the controlled seminar environment where face-to-face communications allows you to communicate ideas, receive immediate feedback and ink deals.

Direct Marketing
Getting customized messages to your target market often requires the direct approach. Drawing from our extensive experience, we can show you how to use sophisticated techniques to build direct marketing programs that will land the business you want.

Logo Design
Your visual identity says a lot about your company. Are you conveying the right message?

Promotional Items
Promotional items are indispensable to brand building—if they create a relationship in the recipients mind between the item and your brand. We’ll help you identify, purchase and create guidelines for using promotional items that best support your communications strategies.

Sales Meetings
You want to train them, encourage them and excite them, that’s why you’re taking your sales people off the street. To ensure that you get maximum value for your investment, we’ll guide your sales meeting from conception through conclusion, to help you get the results you want.

Sales Literature
From spec sheets to product brochures we can design and produce the materials your sales staff needs to close the deal. And, you can be assured that all of your literature will enjoy a commonality of look and consistency in writing style that supports your brand.

Sales Support
Beyond brochures, seminars and promotional items, we can support your sales efforts with a range of services including video, CDs, and props that help shorten the sales cycle.

Trade Shows
We have decades of experience leveraging trade show opportunities to maximize results. We can help you optimize your investment by helping you select the venues, designing the booth, training your staff, driving traffic to your booth and securing qualified leads.

Video Production
From the mundane to the majestic, we can draw on our in-house capability to write, and produce videos that help you tell your story and sell your products and services.

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