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Public Relations


Analyst Relations
Analysts can make you or break you. But they are not the enemy. We’ll help you engage in healthy dialog with the analyst community to ensure that your messages get a fair hearing, especially when you have bad news.

Community Relations
You don’t operate in a vacuum. The larger you grow, the greater the need to win community support for your activities. We’ll help you build and maintain bridges in the communities in which you operate.

Crisis Communications
No company is immune from problems such as sexual harassment and discrimination suits, online hackers, workplace violence, fraud, product recalls, or angry consumers and shareholders. We’ll help you develop a plan to protect your most valuable asset--your brand--when a crisis confronts you.

Employee Communications
They make your products, provide your services, generate your revenues, and account for one of your largest expenditures. They can also be among your strongest advocates. We’ll design programs and implement activities that help employees become brand ambassadors on and off the job.

Investor Relations
In the roller coaster world of high-tech finances, you need support in the investment community. Whether your on your way to an IPO or want to build your investor base, we'll help ensure that your present and future investors understand your business, your finances, and your goals.

Media Relations
There’s a difference between good and bad press. There’s also a difference between news and fluff. We know and understand these differences and we also know and understand the media and what it takes to get you the right coverage in the right place at the right time to build your brand and enhance your sales.

Special Events
Sometimes it takes something out of the ordinary to attract attention. We’ll work with you to design and produce events that really are special… ones that energize relations with customers, analysts, employees and the media.

Speech Writing
Often there’s nothing better than face-to-face communications to ensure that members of key audiences hear you. We’ll write compelling speeches, add graphics as appropriate and prepare you to deliver speeches that produce results.

Spokesperson Training
The story you tell is important, but how you tell it is more so. We offer media relations training, public speaking training and coaching to get you ready to properly represent your company to an audience of one or 1,000.

Strategic Planning
Understanding what you want to accomplish in the short, medium and long term is foundation on which to build a successful public relations program. Then you have to factor in obstacles and available resources. We?ll help you develop a strategic plan and the tactical plans that flow from it to help you achieve your goals.

Trade Show Support
Setting up a booth is only the beginning. We’ll work with you to help you get noticed by analysts, trade media, customers and investors—the people who can help you reap big dividends from your trade show investment.

Video Production
Whether it’s a video news release, B-roll, or a video to communicate with key audiences, we’ll do it all--from script writing to production to distribution.

White Papers
One of the most effective ways to tell your story is to produce white papers that explain your engineering, your services and your ideas. We’ll help you put your thinking on paper to raise your visibility and enhance your credibility.

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